Welcome! To the world of “At Ease”.

At Ease, the first thing that comes to mind is Comfort.

We two sisters started developing our brand, At Ease roughly around two years ago as a result of being dissatisfied with the variety of pantyliners found here locally. So in simple words “We Feel You”. This baby of ours is now listed as At Ease General Trading L.L.C, a licensed company so there is a promise to grow.

You may ask how we are different ? Well it’s simple, “At Ease” has got the answers to all your needs!

• Feeling something out of place?
• Uncomfortable?
• Is Odour an issue?
• Irritated with a wedgie?
• Dont feel Clean and Confident?
• Wanting to feel fresh all day? Everyday?

At Ease with Everyday Wings have:

• Breathable Cotton layers
• A wider back, for enhanced fit
• Anion, an Anti Bacterial Strip with negative ions that have proven to help prevent / reduce harmful bacteria or odor, enhancing comfort and personal hygiene.
• A stronger adhesive quality
• Wings, the best part of all it stays in place making it to be more comfortable and flexible to use allowing you to be “At Ease

So no more worrying of school runs and long meetings. Hygiene and comfort will the last thing to worry about.

During this time and age it would be highly recommended to have out young ladies ( girls ) use Pantyliners as they can start early and understand the importance of personal hygiene. Along with the added benefit of being well prepared for there first period. Save them from the OMG! moment.

“Pssttt… from one mom to another, I have already got my daughter hooked up, cause nothings more important than personal hygiene and who better than us “moms” to educate our daughters ” – Mother “At Ease”

As if this wasn’t enough we are committed to come together and empower woman creating them to own a business within our business. Yes we like to share our cake! And eat it to. Watch this space for more details!

What a girl wants

What a girl needs

Is everyday wings

That set her free!!