AT EASE pantyliners are equipped with a unique patented anion strip which effectively removes noxious bacterium which is the main cause of gynecological diseases. This strip combats 99.9% of bacteria and naturally relieves menstrual discomfort, absorbs moisture and discharge. The anion strip is compressed with over 6000 negative ions per cubic centimeter and is activated by fluid, warmth and friction. When absorbed in the body it enhances the woman’s quality of health as prevention from infection.

Change sanitary pads/pantyliners every four hours.

Opt for cotton panties rather than nylon, silky synthetic ones.

Keep your self hydrated with plenty of water.

Choose Yogurt as Your Chilled Dessert of Choice.

Keep the vaginal area dry as much as possible. Leaving it moist (even at the beach, swimming, work out etc. carry extra pair of dry swim wear and shorts) allows the bacteria to grow that leads to all sorts of infections and discomfort.

Stay Away From Scented Feminine Hygiene Products. This includes bubble baths, soaps, sprays, tampons, and pads.

Avoid wearing tight fitted jeans, let your body breath.

Sleep well! Eat well! And make the easy choice to be At Ease this summer!



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