Feel Good

Feel good about “you” and feel good about “your life”


When things are going well in all aspects we are the happiest people alive but just when things start getting slightly rough people tend loose all hope and desires from life. People need a constant reminder of self worth! And here are some small tips to feel better about yourself and your life.

Many of you may have gone through or may be going through a big transition in your life. And through experience I want to save a lot of precious time, say it out loud “let it go”. After a great big divorce, a very abusive marriage, heart ache and two gorgeous daughters. You can’t even imagine the mental torment that I had been through considering being brought up in this time and age. It was shocking. It took me 4 whole years to get through it all and to be able to sit here writing on this page. I look back and wish I hadn’t wasted all of that time. Time is precious and nothing but you are important! With immense support from my family and bless my daughters I’m proud to say its all behind me. Some may think its no big deal, some may feel sorry but I say “ Alhamdulillah”. Everything happens for a reason! Take it as it comes and nothing stays the same forever so sing along to the famous song “let it go, let it go….” Hahaha


Always remember


You’re always the one in control of your choices you make, the life your living, who you are and who you want to become are all decisions for YOU to decide.


Treat you self and others around you with kindness


Give your self some credit-

Keep a journal and answer questions about your self:

  • Are you a positive person?
  • Are you a caring person?
  • Do you cherish relationships? Family?

Feeling good starts from thinking good.


Allow your self to make mistakes, no one is, was or ever will be perfect, hey what’s the fun in being all perfect. Forgot something and instantly you call yourself stupid, NO! You’re not! Tell yourself: “I’m allowed to make mistakes” automatically in the process the negativity in you will diminish.


Spoil your self a little.


Take time off for “you” as mums we really don’t always get the time, but nothing is going to be ever handed over, take what is yours! Make arrangements to do something that makes you feel happy. Whether to go have a meal at your favorite restaurant, dessert, haircut, saloon treatments etc. Even if it is just some awesome chocolate with a beautiful view and be thankful for a beautiful experience.


Being kind to yourself automatically will allow you to be kind to others and in return kindness always brings joy!


Being kind to yourself and be kind to your body


Depression often leads to over eating, not always, but in most cases it does. Even so in that mental state of being upset everything looks and feels negative, give time to your body, walk for 10 minutes a day, just you and the open sky, look up in the air, close your eyes, say “ I love you”

Eat good to make you feel good!

Target your self to a kindness goal


Make a list of the things you can do to offer kindness, be it to make 2 people a day smile! Help some one in a project; comfort someone who may be going through a tough time. Your positive aura will inspire others to be happy in turn making you happy.


Sharing is Caring


It’s the best way to be feeling good about yourself! Share your talent. Give back and/or get involved in the community. There are many people who need our help. There is nothing more glorifying than knowing that you have helped someone in need. Try doing some volunteer work, help out in shelters, animal rescues, organizations to name a few.


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