Child “At Ease” = Mommy “At Ease”

So a little heads up, one of us sisters is a mommy, I have two adorable girls. I know like I have many of you might similar issues with kids not eating right, not having milk, having too much of milk (yeah also a problem ) getting sick too often, etc.

Here I would like to share some of my tips and suggestions that have benefited and in continuation seen great results!

The most beneficial and  with great results  “fish oil”.

“Professor Robert Winston has been giving daily doses of fish oil supplements containing Omega 3 fatty acids to two children, each with different behavioural problems.
Three months later, the changes have been significant. One boy’s aggressive behaviour almost vanished and the other, once withdrawn and uncommunicative, has become popular and outgoing.
Suddenly fish oils seem the answer to all parents’ problems.

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Just like the saying goes- “not all fingers aren’t  the same” – similarly neither of our children the same, my two major concerns for both my kids was the older one wouldn’t  eat, she would cry on the table when food was served, the younger one was very hyper active and would cry ALOT! I had looked around and done a lot of research and was suggested “fish oil” by my local pharmacist, the one in perticalurly use is “NORDIC NATURALS CHILDREN’S DHA OMEGA-3”

This made a lot of difference, made them more calmer, focused, attentive, and perks of it makes them smarter! If all three of them are happening getting through to them is more easy, to explain something is simpler allowing “you / us” to be “At Ease”. Not only this it “boosts the immune system”! Its such a heart ach having to watch your child getting sick often. The flu, cough leading to seasonal infections… ugh I just don’t like the constant need of giving them syrups again and again and again… using this everyday! every morning one teaspoon made the difference!


– From one mom to another!

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